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2011 | 6 | 3 | 305-308

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Rare case of a massive buccal mucocele


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Mucoceles are common pathological lesions of the oral cavity, usually measuring up to 10 mm. The authors describe a case of deeply located buccal mucocele measuring 35 mm in diameter. The lesion was caused by facial injury in a 54-year old man. The lesion persisted for approximately 2.5 years and was difficult to diagnose because of its unusual size and atypical clinical symptoms. Preoperative ultrasonography excluded a tumor, and this was confirmed by histopathological examination. However, oncological alertness was considered necessary on account of ulcerated mucosa next to the lesion. The mucocele was removed through surgical excision, using a scalpel and tissue scissors. No recurrence was observed in 2.5 postoperative years. It is stressed that histopathological examinations help to differentiate mucoceles from other disease processes.










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1 - 6 - 2011
8 - 4 - 2011


  • Department of Oral Surgery, Silesian Medical University, 41-902, Bytom, Poland
  • Department of Oral Surgery, Silesian Medical University, 41-902, Bytom, Poland
  • Department of Oral Surgery, Silesian Medical University, 41-902, Bytom, Poland
  • Department of Oral Surgery, Silesian Medical University, 41-902, Bytom, Poland
  • Department of Patomorphology, Zabrze Silesian Medical University, 41-800, Zabrze, Poland


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