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2009 | 4 | 1 | 98-103

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Teat tablet with sodium ibuprofen: the effect of sorbitol on therapeutic agent pharmaceutical availability and on physicochemical parameters of a drug form


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Dosing pediatric drugs available on pharmaceutical markets of analgesic, antifebrile and anti-inflammatory activity to children up to 3 years of age is not precise and frequently causes problems. The aim of the study was to work out a pediatric teat form of a drug with sodium ibuprofen and to determine the effect of sorbitol content on pharmaceutical availability of the therapeutic agent. Three variants of tablets containing 50 mg of sodium ibuprofen differing in the percentage content of sorbitol (from 37% - batch I to 79% - batch III) were produced. Quality tests of the produced forms of drugs (PPVI) were performed and the tests of therapeutic agent pharmaceutical availability by spatula method and by a method with a teat. Tablets of all batches had a smooth surface and same shape. The content of the therapeutic agent was within the limit of 95-105% of the declared value. The highest value of Q coefficient in the release test by pharmacopeal method and the shortest disintegration time (12 minutes) were obtained for tablets with 79% content of sorbitol. In conclusion, teat tablets with sodium ibuprofen of the highest sorbitol content (79%) demonstrated the expected physicochemical parameters and high pharmaceutical availability.










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1 - 3 - 2009
11 - 2 - 2009


  • Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Lodz, 90-151, Lodz, Poland
  • Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Lodz, 90-151, Lodz, Poland
  • Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Lodz, 90-151, Lodz, Poland
  • Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit, Boleslaw Szarecki University Hospital No. 5 in Lodz, Medical University of Lodz, 90-647, Lodz, Poland
  • Department of Applied Pharmacy, Medical University of Lodz, 90-151, Lodz, Poland


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