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2013 | 11 | 6 | 646-665
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Numerical investigation of three types of space and time fractional Bloch-Torrey equations in 2D

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Recently, the fractional Bloch-Torrey model has been used to study anomalous diffusion in the human brain. In this paper, we consider three types of space and time fractional Bloch-Torrey equations in two dimensions: Model-1 with the Riesz fractional derivative; Model-2 with the one-dimensional fractional Laplacian operator; and Model-3 with the two-dimensional fractional Laplacian operator.Firstly, we propose a spatially second-order accurate implicit numerical method for Model-1 whereby we discretize the Riesz fractional derivative using a fractional centered difference. We consider a finite domain where the time and space derivatives are replaced by the Caputo and the sequential Riesz fractional derivatives, respectively. Secondly, we utilize the matrix transfer technique for solving Model-2 and Model-3. Finally, some numerical results are given to show the behaviours of these three models especially on varying domain sizes with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions.
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1 - 6 - 2013
9 - 10 - 2013
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