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2013 | 11 | 10 | 1246-1254
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A fractional approach to the Sturm-Liouville problem

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The objective of this paper is to show an approach to the fractional version of the Sturm-Liouville problem, by using different fractional operators that return to the ordinary operator for integer order. For each fractional operator we study some of the basic properties of the Sturm-Liouville theory. We analyze a particular example that evidences the applicability of the fractional Sturm-Liouville theory.
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1 - 10 - 2013
19 - 12 - 2013
  • Facultad de Matemáticas, Universidad de La Laguna, 38271, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
  • Facultad de Matemáticas, Universidad de La Laguna, 38271, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
  • Estadística e Investigación Operativa, Centro Universitario de la Defensa Área de Matemáticas, 50090, Zaragoza, Spain
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