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2009 | 7 | 4 | 813-820
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Noise analysis of coaxial Schottky barrier carbon nanotube fets using non equilibrium Green’s function formalism

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The effect of noise on the performance of Schottky Barrier Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistors (SB-CNTFETs) has been investigated under various bias conditions. In order to calculate the noise power spectral density, the Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function formalism (NEGF) is used to obtain the transmission coefficient and the number of carriers inside the channel. Results are presented in two sections: In the first section the Hooge’s empirical rule is used to investigate the flicker noise properties of SB-CNTFETs with defects in the gate oxide region, while in the second section the thermal and shot noise properties of SB-CNTFETs are studied. Finally, the best bias points in the ON and OFF states have been suggested according to the total noise power spectral density and the device signal to noise ratio.
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1 - 12 - 2009
21 - 7 - 2009
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