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2008 | 6 | 4 | 843-848
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Structural, dielectric, electrical and piezoelectric properties of Ba4SrRTi3V7O30 (R=Sm, Dy) ceramics

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Polycrystalline samples of Ba4SrRTi3V7O30 (R=Sm and Dy), members of the tungsten-bronze family, were prepared using a high-temperature, solid-state reaction technique and studied their electrical properties (using complex impedance spectroscopy) in a wide range of temperature (31–500°C) and frequency (1 kHz-1 MHz). Preliminary structural (XRD) analyses of these compounds show the formation of single-phase, orthorhombic structures at room temperature. The scanning electron micrographs (SEM) provided information on the quality of the samples and uniform distribution of grains over the entire surface of the samples. Detailed studies of the dielectric properties suggest that they have undergone ferroelectric-paraelectric phase transition well above the room temperatures (i.e., 432 and 355°C for R= Sm and Dy, respectively, at frequency 100 kHz). Measurements of electrical conductivity (ac and dc) as a function of temperature suggest that the compounds have semiconducting properties much above the room temperature, with negative temperature coefficient of resistance (NTCR) behavior. The existence of ferroelectricity in these compounds was confirmed from a polarization study.
  • Department of Physics, Betnoti College Betnoti, Mayurbhanj, Orissa, India
  • Department of Physics, D.N. College, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India
  • Department of Physics & Meteorology, IIT, Kharagpur, 721302, India
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