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2008 | 6 | 1 | 52-56
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Concentration of radiation displacement defects in BSO and BGO crystals irradiated by electrons or neutrons

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This work is devoted to the calculation of the concentration of radiation displacement defects (RDD) in bismuth germanate and bismuth silicate crystals as a function of particle energy (electrons and neutrons). Energy dependencies of RDD concentrations are discussed in comparison with results for other complex oxide crystals. The obtained results show that for the case of electron irradiation the radiation hardness of BSO and BGO should be similar to other oxide crystals, but for neutrons is drastically smaller. Additionally, for the neutron irradiation, the efficiency of the production of defects in the oxide sublattice is drastically smaller than for other oxide crystals.
  • Institute of Physics, Rzeszow University, Rejtana 16 a, 35-959, Rzeszów, Poland
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