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2012 | 10 | 1 | 96-104
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A computational investigation of carbon-doped beryllium monoxide nanotubes

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To investigate the influence of C-doping on the electrostatic structure properties in the frame work of density functional theory (DFT), we considered beryllium monoxide nanotubes (BeONTs), consisting of 60 Be and 60 O atoms. Full geometry optimizations are performed for all structures, i.e., all atoms are allowed to relax. Afterwards, the chemical shielding (CS) tensors are calculated for Be-9, O-17 and C-13 nuclei in the C-doped forms and also pristine models of the (10, 0) zigzag and (5, 5) armchair BeONTs. Formation energies indicate that C-doping of Be atom (CBe form) could be more favorable than C-doping of O atom (CO form) in both zigzag and armchair BeONTs. Gap energies and dipole moments detected the effects of dopant in the (5, 5) armchair models; however, those parameters did not indicate any significant changes in the C-doped (10, 0) zigzag BeONT models. The results show that the CS values for the Be and O atoms-contributed to the Be-C bonds or those atoms close to the C-doped region-in the CO form of BeONTs (zigzag and armchair) are changed. The same values only for the O atoms-contributed to the O-C bonds- in the CBe form of BeONTs (zigzag and armchair) are changed.
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1 - 2 - 2012
24 - 11 - 2011
  • Islamic Azad University
  • Islamic Azad University
  • Islamic Azad University
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