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2010 | 8 | 6 | 1244-1250

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Kinetic study of atomization in atomic absorption analysis of solid samples using flame-furnace atomizer


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Direct solid sampling analysis in atomic absorption spectrometry using flame-furnace atomizer allows to significantly decrease analysis duration, to avoid sample pollution and to exclude toxic reagents. The choice of chemical modifiers that decreases the detection limit and improves the repeatability of results is based on the mechanism of analyte-free atom formation. The kinetic approach developed here allows determination of pre-exponential factors k0 and apparent activation energies Ea of the atomization processes for Pb(II) and Cd(II) compounds and enables use of CaCO3 and KHF2 as effective chemical modifiers for soil samples. A fast and precise technique for lead and cadmium determination in soils using the proposed chemical modifiers was developed.










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1 - 12 - 2010
8 - 10 - 2010


  • The Donetsk National University, Donetsk, 83000, Ukraine
  • The Institute of Applied Physics, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Sumy, 40030, Ukraine
  • The Donetsk National University, Donetsk, 83000, Ukraine


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