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2007 | 5 | 3 | 813-823

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Determination of diclofenac in pharmaceuticals and urine samples using a membrane sensor based on the ion associate of diclofenac with Rhodamine B


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The potentiometric response characteristics of a diclofenac selective electrode, based on ion association in different plasticizers, were compared. The sensitivity, working range, detection limit and selectivity of membrane sensors demonstrated significant dependence on the type of plasticizers. The potentiometric unit presented a linear response toward diclofenac concentrations between 1 × 10−5 − 5 × 10−2 mol L−1, with slopes of approximately 60 mV dec−1, and exhibited a response time of 3 s. The potentiometric analysis of sodium diclofenac in pharmaceutical formulations was perfomed by the membrane electrode proposed and compared with the results of potentiometric titration given by the Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. [...]










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1 - 9 - 2007
2 - 5 - 2007


  • Volyn State University, 43025, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Volyn State University, 43025, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Volyn State University, 43025, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Volyn State University, 43025, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • Lutsk Base Medical College, 43000, Lutsk, Ukraine


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