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2006 | 4 | 2 | 351-362

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Bifunctional sulfur-silicon podands as new nucleophilic ionophores in acyl transfer reactions. Influence of monovalent cations on the reaction kinetics


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Two bifunctional sulfur-silicon nucleophilic ionophores 3-(trimethoxysilyl)-propanethiol (Nu1) and 3-(tri-2-methoxyethoxysilyl)-propanethiol (Nu2) were used as reagents in the acyl transfer reaction studied by kinetic methods. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electro-spray ionisation mass spectrometry (ESI MS) were used for determination of the stoichiometry and stability constants of the complexes made by the podands and lithium or sodium ions in acetonitrile solution.










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1 - 6 - 2006
1 - 6 - 2006


  • Faculty of Chemistry, A. Mickiewicz University, 60-780, Poznań, Poland
  • Faculty of Chemistry, A. Mickiewicz University, 60-780, Poznań, Poland
  • Faculty of Chemistry, A. Mickiewicz University, 60-780, Poznań, Poland
  • Institute of Physical Organic and Coal Chemistry, NAS, 340114, Donetsk, Ukraine


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