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2014 | 16 | 2 | 1-4

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Separation and Concentration of Succinic Adic from Multicomponent Aqueous Solutions by Nanofiltration Technique


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This paper applies the determined suitability of nanofiltration (NF) membrane separation for selective isolation and concentration of succinic acid from aqueous solutions which are post-fermentation multicomponent fluids. The study analyzed the influence of concentration and the pH of the separated solutions on the efficiency and selectivity of NF process that runs in a module equipped with a ceramic membrane. Moreover, the effect of applied trans-membrane pressure on the retention of succinic acid and sodium succinate has been studied. The investigations have shown that in the used NF module the retention of succinic acid salt is equal almost 50% in the case of a three-component model solution, although the degree of retention depends on both the transmembrane pressure and the initial concentration of separated salt.









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26 - 6 - 2014


  • Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering, pl. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 2, 60-965 Poznań, Poland
  • Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering, pl. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 2, 60-965 Poznań, Poland
  • Poznan University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology and Engineering, pl. M. Skłodowskiej-Curie 2, 60-965 Poznań, Poland


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