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2013 | 15 | 4 | 1-4
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Application of nanofiltration in the process of the separation of model fermentation broths components

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The effectiveness of nanofiltration with the use of ceramic membranes in the process of concentration and separation of fumaric acid or succinic acid from glycerol and citric acid from erythritol was evaluated. It was found that the retention of sodium salts of the acids investigated increased strongly with increasing the pH of the feed solution (depending on the degree of dissociation), while the retention degrees of di- and tricarboxylic acids, erythritol or glycerol were lower than 2%, irrespective of the initial concentration of the solution to be filtered. The results obtained showed that nanofiltration can be considered as one of the purification steps in the process of recovery of salts of organic acids from fermentation broth.
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1 - 12 - 2013
31 - 12 - 2013
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