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2013 | 15 | 1 | 1-6

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Modification of Polyacrylamide–β–Zeolite Composite by Phytic Acid for the Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solutions


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Polyacrylamide-zeolite composite was prepared by direct polymerization of polyacrylamide in suspensions of β-zeolite. Phytic acid was then immobilized on the composite surface. Fourier transform infrared spectrometry (FT-IR), X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Thermal gravimetry (TG) techniques were employed to characterize the synthesized adsorbent. The adsorptive features of the composite and the modified composite were investigated for the removal of Pb2+ from aqueous solution in view of dependency on pH, time, ion concentration, temperature, selectivity, kinetics and reusability. The adsorption isotherms were evaluated with reference to the Langmuir and Freundlich models. Thermodynamic of the system was calculated. ΔG<0 indicated that the adsorption process was spontaneous. Good compatibility of the adsorption kinetics to the pseudo-second-order model predicted that the rate-controlling step was a chemical sorption. The selectivity experiments showed that the adsorbents were selective toward Pb2+ in the presence of Zn2+ and Cd2+. The reusability of the adsorbent was tested for four regeneration cycles.










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1 - 03 - 2013
27 - 03 - 2013


  • Department of Chemistry, Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 311-86145, Shahrza , Isfahan, Iran
  • Department of Chemistry, Shahreza Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 311-86145, Shahrza , Isfahan, Iran


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