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White and Saturated Blue Phosphorescent OLED
based on the Non-Emissive Homoleptic Complex
Ir(ppz)3 as single active material


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The well-known homoleptic iridium (III) complex
Ir(ppz)3 which is only emissive in solution at low temperature
has been investigated as dopant in a p − i stacked
OLED architecture. Interestingly, while using this phosphor
as a single emitter, awhite OLED was obtained. Emission
colour was determined as being concentration and







Physical description


10 - 7 - 2013
26 - 10 - 2013
27 - 2 - 2014


  • Institut Lavoisier de Versailles ILV – UMR CNRS
    8180, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, 45 avenue
    des Etats Unis, 78035 Versailles, France
  • Aix-Marseille Université,
    CNRS, Institut de Chimie Radicalaire, UMR 7273, F-13397 Marseille,
  • Univ. Bordeaux, IMS, UMR
    5218, F-33400 Talence, France
  • CNRS, IMS, UMR 5218,
    F-33400 Talence, France
  • Univ. Bordeaux, IMS, UMR 5218, F-33400 Talence,
  • CNRS, IMS, UMR 5218, F-33400 Talence, France
  • Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Institut
    de Chimie Radicalaire, UMR 7273, F-13397 Marseille, France
  • Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS, Institut
    de Chimie Radicalaire, UMR 7273, F-13397 Marseille, France
  • Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systcmes de Versailles
    LISV – EA 4048, Université de Versailles Saint Quentin en
    Yvelines, 10/12 avenue de l’Europe, 78140 Vélizy, France,


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