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2012 | 1 | 90-99
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Porous substrates for intermediate temperature SOFCs
and in-cell reforming catalysts

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The paper reviews results of development of new composite foam
substrates with the graded structure for the intermediate temperature
SOFC and structured catalysts of fuels reforming. Ni-Al substrates with
porosity of 60-80% were prepared by compressive deformation of open
cell metal foams followed by pack aluminizing. Testing in corrosive media
revealed advantages of Ni-Al substrates over Fechraloy ones. Button-size
thin film solid oxide fuel cell supported on this substrate demonstrated
promising performance in the intermediate temperature range. These
substrates were shown to be compatible with nanocomposite active
components for the fuel reforming comprised of Ni-based alloys strongly
interacting with perovskite/fluorite complex oxides with a high oxygen
mobility and reactivity. High activity and coking stability of these structured
catalysts in steam/autothermal reforming of natural gas, ethanol and
acetone was demonstrated without a remarkable impact of heat and mass
transfer. A close performance was demonstrated for fuel cells operating
on wet H2 or in the mode of internal reforming of natural gas using these
catalysts. A concept of the substrate with the graded pore structure and
composition was offered.
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13 - 05 - 2013
19 - 03 - 2013
24 - 05 - 2013
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