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2012 | 1 | 82-89
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Catalytic combustion of brown coal particulates over
ceramometal honeycomb catalyst

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Catalytic combustion of brown coal particulates over CuO/Al2O3/FeAlO/
FeAl honeycomb ceramometal catalyst in the fluidized bed regime with
the sand as a heat transfer material has been studied during 100 hours
at 973-1023 K. The catalyst before and after tests has been analyzed.
The coal conversion in the presence of cermet catalyst was found
to be in the range of 97.8-98.5% while without catalyst it was lower
(91.2-94.6%). A substantial decrease of CO, NOx and SO2 emissions in
catalytic combustion was also demonstrated.
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14 - 05 - 2013
25 - 02 - 2013
30 - 04 - 2013
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