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2014 | 35 | 1 | 149-158

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Hollow Fibre Membrane Oscillations Against Fouling Process – a Numerical Study


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The modelling of colloidal fouling and defouling of hollow fibre membranes in the presence of membrane oscillations is analysed by means of numerical simulations as an effect of complex coupling between hydrodynamic and surface forces. To describe the latter the Derjaguin-Landau- Vervey-Overbeek (DLVO) model has been employed. We have investigated the influence of various parameters of the process like flow rate, mean particle diameter, amplitude and frequency of the oscillations, and others, on the efficiency of the defouling process. The investigated parameters is close to that of a silica suspension in , a typical system modelling used to investigate membrane separation. On the basis of numerical simulation results e have defined an optimal set of parameters preventing membrane fouling.









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1 - 3 - 2014
25 - 4 - 2014
28 - 2 - 2014
9 - 1 - 2014


  • Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, ul. Waryńskiego 1, 00-645 Warszawa, Poland
  • Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering, ul. Waryńskiego 1, 00-645 Warszawa, Poland


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