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2013 | 34 | 2 | 241-252

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Non-Invasive Evaluation of Wavy Liquid Film


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The study presents the possible use of optoelectronic system for the measurement of values specific for hydrodynamics of two-phase gas very-high-viscosity liquid flow in vertical pipes. An experimental method was provided, and the findings were presented and analysed for selected values which characterise the two-phase flow.









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1 - 06 - 2013
09 - 07 - 2013


  • Opole University of Technology, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, ul. Mikołajczyka 5, 45-271 Opole, Poland
  • Opole University of Technology, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, ul. Mikołajczyka 5, 45-271 Opole, Poland


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