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2014 | 6 | 3 | 222-228
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Motives for participation in active sport tourism – participants of holiday windsurfing camps

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Background: Active sport tourism involves travelling in order to participate in different forms of movement recreation; engagement in physical activity is the primary aim of active sport tourism. Each and every decision regarding holiday, weekend or one-day trips is made based on several motives of different strength; it is the interaction between the motives that generates the ultimate behaviour of an individual. The aim of the study was to determine the motives behind the decision of holiday windsurfing camp participants to become engaged in this particular form of active sport tourism. Material/Methods: Seventy-three participants of windsurfing camps in Jastarnia (Hel Peninsula at the Polish seaside) entered the study, which was carried out in the form of a diagnostic survey. The research tool was an anonymous questionnaire. Results: The survey revealed considerable diversity regarding the types of active sport tourism undertaken by windsurfing camp participants in the year preceding data collection. The motives for participation in active sport tourism were also very different both among women and men. Nevertheless, social factors turned out to be of the greatest importance while making a decision about becoming involved in active sport tourism. Conclusions: Our study demonstrated that gender dimorphism had only been seen regarding the physical activity motive. Female respondents mentioned this particular motive for participation in the windsurfing camp more often than men.
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