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2004 | 2 | 1 | 90-103

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Thermodynamic model of crystallization and melting of small particles


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The size dependence of the nanocrystal melting temperature has been investigated based on a nonequilibrium thermodynamics approach. An expression has been derived for the melting temperature that, contrary to the classical Tomson formula, takes into account the metastable character of the crystal nucleus-melt shell equilibrium. Quantitative estimations have been carried out for small spherical particles of aluminum, tin, and lead.










Physical description


1 - 3 - 2004
1 - 3 - 2004


  • Theoretical Physics Department, Tver State University, 170024 Sadovii side-street, 35, Tver, Russia
  • Theoretical Physics Department, Tver State University, 170024 Sadovii side-street, 35, Tver, Russia


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