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2005 | 3 | 1 | 118-136

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Studies on stereoselective approaches to β-carboline derivatives


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Transformation of β-carboline derivatives into optically active entities were studied and the de and ee values of the resulted compounds were detected.










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1 - 3 - 2005
1 - 3 - 2005


  • Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Technology and Economics, Gellért tér 4, H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
  • Research Group for Alkaloid Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Gellért tér 4, Hungary
  • Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Technology and Economics, Gellért tér 4, H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
  • Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Technology and Economics, Gellért tér 4, H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
  • Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Technology and Economics, Gellért tér 4, H-1111, Budapest, Hungary
  • Central Research Center, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, P.O. Box 17, H-1525, Budapest, Hungary


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