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2004 | 2 | 2 | 371-387

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Intermicellar material exchange in reverse micelles formed by ionic AOT and nonionic Igepal surfactants studied by means of pulse radiolysis. Influence of the temperature



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The recombination of thiocyanate anion radicals, (SCN)2−, formed pulse radiolytically within the water pools of reverse micelles stabilized with anionic AOT and nonionic Igepal surfactants, was proved as an indicator reaction to study intermicellar exchange. It was found that the exchange process is slower inIgepal than in AOT reverse micelles with the same water to surfactant ratio. The apparent activation enthalpy and entropy of the exchange process were determined in different alkanes. For the AOT and Igepal reverse micelles the activation parameters increase with the droplet size, but for the AOT systems they do not significantly change with the increase of droplet concentration. For non-percolated systems the activation parameters for Igepal reverse micelles approach those for AOT reverse micelles. This result supports existing suggestions that the mechanism of intermicellar exchange does not differ in principle between reverse micelles stabilized with ionic and nonionic surfactants.










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1 - 6 - 2004
1 - 6 - 2004


  • Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Technical University of Łódź, Wróblewskiego 15, 93-590, Łódź, Poland


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