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2015 | 29 | 2 | 33-38

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Evaluation of Health in Context of Life Quality Studying


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Introduction: The development and application on novel concepts that integrally describe physical, psychological, emotional, social health, environmental factors, life values and personal skills was analyzed in the article. The aim of the article was to analyze the latest methodological approaches of life quality and health assessment. Results: The article deals with the peculiarities of life quality definition formation and role of its subjective and objective components. The life quality models that based on objective and subjective indicators, related to the health and social well-being was analyzed. The health indicators that provide critical information about population health and prevention programs were characterized and divided into 4 groups - medical and demographic, behavioral, administrative, related to physical and social environment. The problem of research methods development that would useful for comparing the health related life quality in different countries, and creation of normative databases for various regions and determination life-style long-term impact on physical and mental health was studied. The peculiarities of quantitative evaluation in international methods (Index of Social Health, Physical Quality of Life Index, Human Developed Index, Health related Quality of Life Index, World Health Organization Quality of Life index, Happiness adjusted life-years) were analyzed. Conclusions: For a quantitative evaluation of the population life quality significant is selection of single definition, model with structural parts (domains) that include psycho-physical and physical health of people, their life values (micro level) and the socio-economic development of the society (macro level).










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1 - 6 - 2015
8 - 3 - 2016


  • Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Ukraine
  • Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Ukraine


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