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2015 | 17 | 2 | 64-69
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Activity of phthalocyanine-sensitized TiO2-anatase in photooxidation of sulfite ions

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Hybrid catalysts based on the TiO2 matrix impregnated with Nd, Eu and Yb diphthalocyanines proved effective in oxidation of sulfite ions under irradiation with light from the UV-visible range. Micro- and nano-crystalline anatase powders were used in preparation of the photocatalysts, which were applied in the form of a suspension in the water phase. The reaction yield was found to depend on the phthalocyanine sensitizer used and the conditions of TiO2 impregnation. The best results were obtained when micro-anatase impregnated with Yb-diphthalocyanine was used.

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1 - 6 - 2015
9 - 6 - 2015
  • Opole University, Faculty of Chemistry, ul. Oleska 48, 45-095 Opole
  • Opole University, Faculty of Chemistry, ul. Oleska 48, 45-095 Opole
  • Opole University, Faculty of Chemistry, ul. Oleska 48, 45-095 Opole
  • Opole University, Faculty of Chemistry, ul. Oleska 48, 45-095 Opole
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