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Photoconductive and nonlinear optical properties
of composites based on metallophthalocyanines


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The photoconductive, photorefractive and nonlinear
optical properties of composites from polyvinylcarbazole
or aromatic polyimide containing supramolecular
ensembles of (tetra-15-crown-5) - phthalocyaninato
gallium, indium, - phthalocyaninateacetato yttrium, -
phthalocyaninato ruthenium with axially coordinated
pyrazine molecules were investigated at 633, 1030 and
1064nmusing continuous and pulsed lasers. Supramolecular
ensembles (SE) were prepared through dissolution of
molecular metallophthalocyanines in tetrachloroethane
(TCE) and subsequent treatment via three cycles of heating
to 90∘C and slow cooling to room temperature. The zscan
method in femtosecond and nanosecond regimeswas
used for measuring nonlinear optical properties phthalocyaninato
indium and yttrium in TCE solutions and polymer
films. It was established that effect of heavy metallic
atom is basic factor which determines the quantum
yield, photorefractive amplification of laser object beam,
dielectric susceptibility of third order and nonlinear optical
properties of metallophthalocyanines.







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27 - 3 - 2015
3 - 8 - 2015



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