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Analytical microscopy of iron-based
superconducting materials


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Inhomogeneity and phase separation in unconventional
superconducting materials is a topic of increasing
interest, as the competition between phases with different
types of ordering is thought to play an important
role in the emergence of the high temperature superconducting
state. A wide range of experimental techniques
are available for investigating the crystallography of these
complex materials, however the majority are bulk probes.
Here we briefly review some spatially resolved techniques
that are being used to investigate phase separation in ironbased
superconductors, with a focus on analytic Scanning
Electron Microscopy techniques and synchrotron-based
Photoelectron Microscopy.








Physical description


11 - 8 - 2015
2 - 7 - 2015
6 - 11 - 2015


  • Department of Materials, University of
    Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3PH, UK
  • Department of Materials, University of
    Oxford, Oxford, OX1 3PH, UK
  • Diamond Light Source, Harwell Science and Innovation
    Campus, Didcot OX11 0DE, UK


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