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Canine transmigration accompanying mandibular retrognathism secondary to osteitis

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Transmigration is a tooth pathology in which the migrating tooth bud passes the median plane. Methods: This study is a presentation of the diagnostic and therapeutic outcomes in the cases of 4 stomach teeth transmigrations diagnosed in 3 patients with mandibular retrognathia which was a complication after osteitis in the postnatal period and infancy. Results: Extending imaging diagnostics to include CT, most preferably CBCT, makes it possible to precisely evaluate a transmigrated canine’s position and to plan a course of treatment. Conclusions: Planning of the treatment of teeth in transmigration in patients with temporomandibular ankylosis should be done by a team consisting of an orthodontist and a surgeon.
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27 - 11 - 2015
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31 - 12 - 2015
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