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2015 | 22 | 3 | 379-388

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The Use Of Pb-210 Isotope As An Indicator Of Pollutants’ Migration In The Environment


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Radioactive isotopes, both natural and artificial, present in the environment, may be convenient indicators that can be used to study many physical and chemical processes as well as the transport of pollutants in the ecosystem. The studies have shown that in identification of particulate matter emission sources a radioactive lead isotope (Pb-210) can be used. The Pb-210 increased activity concentration in the top soil layers suggests its current atmospheric deposition. This conclusion is confirmed by the results of the Principal Components Analysis, conducted using the measured radionuclide content in 0-30 cm deep soil layer samples.









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1 - 9 - 2015
5 - 10 - 2015


  • Independent Chair of Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, Opole University, ul. kard. B. Kominka 6, 45-035 Opole, Poland, phone +48 77 401 60 46


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