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2014 | 21 | 4 | 685-696

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Mixing of Biomass and Coal in a Static Mixer as an Example of Technological Solutions Involving Implementation of Renewable Energy Sources


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The purpose of this article is to demonstrate possibilities of mixing coal with biomass using static mixers. The paper present simple and inexpensive methods for producing fuel mixes for heat-generating plants equipped with stoker-fired boilers of power ranging from 3 up to 50 MW. Static mixer proposed in this article may constitute an alternative for currently used solutions in production facility. Based on statistical analysis, the article demonstrates that five mixing elements of the mixer is optimal number to ensure best biomass (chips and pellets) concentration distribution in a mixture with fine hard coal.









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2 - 2 - 2015


  • Department of Biosystems Engineering, Opole University of Technology, ul. E. Mikołajczyka 5, 46-020 Opole, Poland
  • Energetyka Cieplna Opolszczyzny Logistyka SA, ul. Harcerska 15, 45-118 Opole, Poland
  • Department of Biosystems Engineering, Opole University of Technology, ul. E. Mikołajczyka 5, 46-020 Opole, Poland


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