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Biomass of freshwater Cladophora as a raw material for agriculture and the cosmetic industry

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This study was undertaken to determine mineral content, amino acid and fatty acid composition of the freshwater macroalga – Cladophora glomerata. The studies were based on the content comparison in algal biomass collected from a lake and cultured in a laboratory. To determine the ability of copper cumulating by macroalgae, Cladophora was cultured in the medium supplemented with Cu ions. This study indicated that the relative abundance of metals in filaments decreased in the following order: Ca > K > Mg > Na > Fe > Cu > Zn > Pb > As > Ni > Cd > Mn > Cr > Co. Total protein content ranged from 14.45% in Cladophora from a lake to 26.55% in Cladophora from a laboratory. The main amino acids analyzed were aspartic and glutamic acid. The fatty acid content in the dry matter of the extract varied depending on the extraction method used: ethylene alcohol (19.0%), acetone (34.5%) or supercritical fluid extraction (62.5%). Freshwater C. glomerata due to the macrominerals, trace elements, amino and fatty acids composition in the extracts can be a valuable resource for nutritional and cosmetic applications.
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