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Influence of extraction methods on the recovery of astragaloside IV from the roots of Astragalus mongholicus in Soxhlet- and Twisselmann-type apparatus

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Astragalus mongholicus, commonly used in
Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), contains significant
amounts of triterpene saponins – astragalosides, which
possess a wide variety of pharmacological actions,
including the treatment of cardiovascular and respiratory
diseases. The present study was performed to develop a
fast and effective extraction method of saponins from
crude plant material using Twisselmann-type apparatus.
Moreover, a detailed comparison between Soxhlet and
Twisselmann apparatus was performed to explain the
advantages and disadvantages of their applications.
The content of astragaloside IV – the major saponin of
A. mongholicus extracts and chosen as an extraction
efficiency marker ‒ was determined by means of RP-HPLCELSD
chromatography in an herein optimized method.
Twisselmann extraction shortened its duration from 4 to 2
hours in comparison with the Soxhlet method ‒ a generally
accepted method preparation for this extract. The
effectiveness of both apparatus was alike (3.24 ± 0.44 mg
and 3.48 ± 0.26 mg of astragaloside IV/ 4g of powdered
root for 2 hours in Twisselmann and 4 hours in Soxhlet
apparatus). Compared with a pharmacopoeial method, the
application of Twisselmann apparatus enabled a decrease
in analysis time of 50%, which is of high significance,
especially for large, scaled-up industrial scale.
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